Place, Space and Work in the Creative Economy

Dr Dan Ashton (Associate Professor of Cultural and Creative Industries, WSA) and Dr Roberta Comunian (Reader in Creative Economy, King’s College London) have published their research on creative hubs in the edited collection, Creative Hubs in Question: Place, Space and Work in the Creative Economy (eds. Ros Gill, Andy C. Pratt, Tarek Virani). This volume is part of the Dynamics of Virtual Work series.

Their chapter, titled ‘Universities as Creative Hubs’ develops a framework to understand the modes and practices of engagement with creative hubs by UK higher education institutions. The chapter then goes on highlight some of the tensions and areas for further debate including: relationships with existing research and teaching agendas, the extent to which university hubs connect with existing forms of creative (hub) activity, and issues of inclusivity and accessibility.

This international volume includes chapters exploring hubs in Europe, South America, and Africa, and is part of the “Dynamics of Virtual Work’ series.

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 15.52.24.png


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