Thinking and Doing Enterprise Creatively: Innovation Lab (20th March 1-4 at WSA)

The second workshop from the “Unexpected Enterprises” project will take place on 20th March from 1-4pm in WSA.

Images for lab 2

This event explores evolving pathways for creative and cultural work – it looks at how new modes of work are being generated by enterprising activities that typically fall outside traditional notions of entrepreneurialism.

The lab offers a space to consider and discuss how people are self-actualising their creative aspirations by ‘creating creative work’ in unexpected ways, often through leveraging the affordances new digital tools and platforms. This will be of particular interest to students and educators who are interested in the enterprising nature of creative career development and evolving creative work practices.

To find out more, please contact Dr Dan Ashton (d.k.ashton[a]

University of Southampton/WSA colleagues can sign up using this Eventbrite page.

This is a workshop emphasizing discussion and participation, so numbers will be capped at around 20-25.

The workshop follows a morning talk hosted by Transforming Creativity and MA Global Media Management – “Gender, Technology and Enterprise” 10.30 in LTA.

FULL DETAILS FOR BOTH EVENTS CAN BE FOUND WSA Enterprise Events 20th March 2019.

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