Office for Postdigital Research

The Office is open for research! Watch this space for a formal launch event, but contact Seth or Jussi if you are interested in using it.

The Office for Postdigital Research is a research collection and a space for experimental digital media research.

As a research space the Office houses contemporary gaming and VR hardware and software. It is used for small-scale and experimental research on digital gameplay and for testing interactive art installations. At present it is equipped with a PC and Vive VR and games, a PS4 Pro – also with VR headset and software.

The Office also holds a growing collection of visual media technologies from pre-electronic immersive media such as stereoscopes to mobile game devices, camera-drones, digital toys, and interactive art. The parameters of the collection are set by research interests and curiosity rather than taxonomical rigour, more Wunderkammer than museum.

These two aspects share a concern with alternative and experimental trajectories in digital media art, design, and play, with the theory-practice continuum, and with the material and embodied character of postdigital media culture. The Office space and collection emphasise the interplay between information environments, their physical manifestation, and their embodied use.

The Office is managed by the AMT and Transforming Creativity research groups at WSA but welcomes PhD students and other colleagues to collaborate on project-based partnerships.

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