The Work of Storytelling symposium

On 29th and 30th May, the Transforming Creativity research group and MA in Global Media Management co-hosted a symposium on “The Work of Storytelling”. The first day of the symposium was focused on student projects from GMM. On the second day of the symposium staff and students from across the University of Southampton were invited to share their current research, and encouraged to seek out possibilities for future collaboration.

The symposium explored some of the diverse working practices and dynamics that shape contemporary storytelling. In an age when lives are increasingly branded, gamified, and narrativized, how do our stories get created and communicated? What are the challenges of meaning-making across media? Focusing on digital media transformations, this symposium encouraged discussions that interrogated the “work” (rather than the “art”) of storytelling.


Presentations included talks on global transmedia storytelling and story-building, book production and deconstruction, a short film responding to the themes of feminism and cannibalism in Julia Ducournau’s film Raw (2016), and an impromptu flash fiction composition.

With the kind permission of the participants, you can download some of the symposium presentations here:

More information about the symposium, including the full list of speakers, can be found at the event website. A showcase of GMM student projects is available here.

You can also find tweets from the symposium at the Twitter hashtags #gmmstorytelling and #wsastorytelling.


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